Tips before you start


  • A package download can take some time. The duration of the process depends on the speed of your internet connection.
  • Check the device's current map name and version:
  • On the device launch the TomTom Navigation App.
  • Tap the screen to show the Main menu, then tap Help > About. You can find map name and version under "Map Name" and "Map Version". For example, Map Name = Europe and Map Version = 955.6743 stands for Europe map version 955.6743.
  • Find the series number
  • There're two ways to find the series number
    ➢ From the device
  1. On the device, launch TomTom Navigation App.
  2. Tap the screen to show the Main menu, then tap Help > About. The last 3 digits of the serial number is the series number.

    ➢ From the map SD card
  1. Insert SD card into a computer
  2. Find MGN_SERIAL.dat on the SD card.

  3. Open MGN_SERIAL.dat with text-editing Software, such as Notepad, Microsoft Word.
  4. The last 3 digits of the serial number is the series number.

  • Check if there is sufficient free space on your computer. The minimum free space requirement is 8 GB.
  • Make sure your internet connection is stable for the download.
  • Make sure you have an SD card reader.


How to check the device's current software version:
  1. Boot up your Navigation system
  2. Press the SETUP button to convert to AVN Settings screen.

  3. Press the Sys.Info. Button

  4. Press SW Info tab button and Check Model name.

Please update your software if your installed version is older than the latest version.

Important: Check if the version is higher or lower than R9.2A (lower version: R8.7-EU, higher version: R10.4-EU or R10.8-EU ... )

The latest version: R10.10-EU

CAUTION: The model name needs to be the same as the "Update file" name.

Downloading your package

  1. Once on, select the series number dropdowns and find the number matching the series number you have just found. Click Search for Updates. Click Search for Updates.
  2. All available SW and map update packages for this series number will be listed.
  3. Click on the Download button
3.1.  For browsers supporting the download agent: a pop-up will appear asking you to select the location for download on the user's computer and download the package
3.2.  For browsers not supporting the download agent: the pop-up will show direct link(s) of the package to be downloaded on the computer.
  1. Save the package contents onto the computer.